Upper School

Success at TCS!

Having opened our doors in September, and seen the excellent results attained by our Year 12 and 13 students last week, it was the turn of the Year 11 students to experience success in their examinations here at Tonyrefail Community School.

There were lots of very happy students, staff, parents and carers as students came to open their envelopes and find out if they had achieved their goals.  These results are a testament to the hard work and commitment shown by the whole Tonyrefail community over the last two years as these students have had to cope with so much, not least moving schools during their exam preparation time.

There were some wonderful individual performances with many students really excelling.  Our top performers were Lois Bryan with 10 A*s and 4 As; Sophie Buckley with 10 A*s and 3 As; Cameron Free with 9A*s and 5As; and Morgan Howells with 8A*s and 6 As.  A fantastic effort!

Some other notable achievements came from:

  • Megan Lewis with 4 A*s, 7 As and 2 Bs
  • Madison Palmer with 5 A*s, 6 As and 1 B
  • Indianna Caudle with 5 A*s, 6 As and 1 B
  • Breanna Owen with 4 A*s, 7 As and 1 B
  • Ffion Owen with 5 A*s, 4 As, 1 B and 2 Cs
  • Isobel Robins with 4 A*s, 5 As, 3 Bs and 1 C
  • Macey-Jayne Bridge with 2 A*, 9 As and 2 Bs
  • Cerys Hudd 2 with A*s, 6 As and 5 Bs
  • Marta Panciu with 3 A*s, 4 As and 6 Bs
  • Kyle Timms with 1 A*, 8 As and 4 B

These students, among others, contributed to the 286 A* – A grades, 92 of which were A*s, in this year’s results – what an achievement!

The new Capped 9 Points Score indicator was an impressive 372 points, meaning that on average every student gained 2 B grades and 7 C grades.

Year 11 is always a tough year and we expect a lot of our students – and they most certainly lived up to our expectations!  These incredible young people have worked hard in lessons and revision sessions all year in order to achieve their goals and it is lovely to see them celebrate the results they so richly deserve.

Another area of success are the results achieved by our Year 9 students. A fantastic 94% of the entire year group achieved an A* – C grade in a KS4 qualification even though they sat these two years early! Congratulations Year 9!

Thank you to the staff who taught, believed in and inspired our students this year and thank you to the parents and carers who supported and encouraged their children.

And lastly, thank you to the students who impressed us, made us laugh and made us proud to have been able to play our part in their very bright futures!